Thursday, January 7, 2010


just another sunday paddleboat ride
on a man made lake with another lady stranger
if i remain lost and die on a cross
at least i wasn't born in a manger
i can sense somewhere right now i'm being prayed for
seems like i always arrive on the same shore
from where my sails set maybe with one less lady
than my vessel left with, is that a threat
oh i've stayed scarce this last year yes
but be assured in unrest
i'm unavoidable like death this christmas
is this twisted why be upset
i never said i didn't have syphillis miss listless
hard like the bricks i pound my fists with
i mean she's hard like the bricks that i pound with my fists

this is the fall of mr fifths
forged for the hordes
and the ladies and lords
cept the fat cords in modern english
i know, i know
there's nothing more revealing
than the sound of high heels
down the marble tile hallways
of your distict's one allotted
city funded steiner school bilingual
or montessori followed by
a single high pitched scream
followed by breaking glass
but could your anger be mapped
into an interpretive dance
to a trip hop track
could it be bowed out on strings
or strung into a pattern
for a god's eye to bring to
your alma mater's holiday fundraiser boutique thing?

god i'm sorry, i'm just being crazy.
i'm sorry. i'm just being crazy, i know.
i'm gonna take you now, k? you're fine.
everything's totally fine.
feel a lot better now.

why? - the fall of mr. fifths

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