Wednesday, December 23, 2009

or, why i need to go to amoeba relatively soon

Code red cola war conformity crisis
Perfunctory idols rewriting their bibles
With magic markers running out of their ink
Lives in white out-
Turn the lights out-
Fax machine anthems get your damn hands up!

- Beck, "Hell Yes"

(necessary vinyls)

- neon bible arcade fire
- girls girls
- yankee hotel foxtrot wilco
- summerteeth wilco
- mixed up the cure
- the hazards of love the decemberists
- visiter the dodos
- up from below edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes
- censored colors portugal. the man
- random spirit lover sunset rubdown
- sky blue sky wilco
- a brief history of love the big pink
- baby darling doll face honey band of skulls
- third portishead

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