Thursday, December 31, 2009

time doesn't exist. clocks do.

New year's resolutions?

but there is a crossroads
and i know which road i'm taking:

and it's okay if i, as i tend to do,
attach more importance to something
than it's really worth - i just have to say

but if i do, that's ok too,
and obviously fated.
if something hurts,

when fatuous and impossible things
are scripted in glowing text...
maybe they're not so impossible.
when life looks beautiful
(and even when it doesn't)

again with the cliches,
(I saved Latin!)
always, always always:

and make it count.
every moment.

of course:

and it won't,
because right now
life is like the view from the fiftieth story
of sunlight cascading over rooftops
in a golden European town
to a Beirut song about possibility
and i know

it's all about perspective.
(stop writing poems about the moments i lost,
start living poems about the moments i keep)

forget regrets.
make playlists for rainy days
and blazing glorious nights
and stay awake til dawn
the way we do.

and finally,
remind myself
with insistence,
and blazing certainty

the end.

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